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We aim to inform and assist produce staff in understanding how to handle the produce to be sure it reaches the consumer in the optimum condition to ensure repeat sales. We also provide the latest developments in the area of Food Safety & Quality, Survey and IVA and assist in understanding how food businesses can satisfy all requirements.

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FRESH HUB – February 2020 – IVA and Survey

Welcome to Fresh Hub: our Fresh Produce Newsletter. This issue is focused on IVA and Survey.

Whilst many Kiwis have been at the beach, The AgriChain Centre has been busy inspecting fresh produce, during one of the busiest periods of the year for the company. You name it; we have assessed all sorts of produce for quality and export phytosanitary inspections.

A summary of the current topics of interest to the industry is presented below.

How MAO Internal Reviews can help with Achieving Effective Compliance

Many packhouses operate seasonally. From one season to another, the way the packhouse operates, resources and requirements can change significantly. Often the impact on an MAO system can be overlooked between seasons.

Although it is not a requirement under the MPI Certification Standard: Organisation Requirements, it is good practice to conduct and document an internal review of your MPI Approved Organisation (MAO) system to make sure that the system still meets the requirements.

An MAO internal review will identify and record any changes made to the organisation. These changes can include Traceability, management roles, IT systems, plant, machines, etc. A documented internal review is proof that the organisation stays up to date with the changes.

The MAO internal review must focus on:

  • Roles and responsibility
  • Training methodology
  • Competency of staff
  • Inspection process and resources
  • Equipment & calibration
  • Product pathway
  • Non-conformances and observations from previous audits
  • Records and filing systems

IVA – how can we help you?

Whether you are a new or existing MAO, our Team can assist you with System Evaluation, Audit and Surveillance requirements. We can also take the pain out of transferring to The AgriChain Centre as your IVA by undertaking the transfer work.

We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information contact our team on 09-414-4536 or

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Fruit Fly Restrictions End in Auckland

Biosecurity New Zealand has ended its Northcote fruit fly operations and lifted restrictions on the movement of fruit and vegetables on Auckland’s North Shore after a Queensland fruit fly was discovered in a surveillance trap.

For exported fruit fly host materials, this means that the EXPORT RESTRICTION ZONE (ERZ) is now closed too. However, some countries may require additional measures following the closure of the response. MAOs need to check on ICPRs for export countries in case there are still restrictions.

Want to understand better what this means for your business? Please contact our Director, IVA & Survey, Max Ciccioni on 09-414-4536 or

More information about FRUIT FLY can be found on the MPI website.

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Brexit and what this means for Plant Exports

From 31st January 2020, the UK has officially left the EU.

The UK has entered a transition ‘implementation’ period until 31 December 2020. So, what does this mean for fresh produce?

All current EU requirements and the export certification process will continue to apply to plants, plant products, wine and organic product exported from New Zealand to the UK during the transition period. Therefore, Phytosanitary certificates are required for plant products.

Furthermore, based on current information, the UK Plant Health (EU Exit) regulations 2019 will apply in the UK after the transition phase (from 1 January 2021).

If you require in-line or end-point inspection for your product going to the UK, EU or other countries, please contact our team on 09 414 4536 or email

Now here is something for a laugh! The directors of The AgriChain Centre (being German, Dutch and Italian) certainly had a good laugh when they read this, as did the Brits on the company too!

Source: Fresh Plaza

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Meet Aneetta – IVA and Survey Assessor

We are pleased to introduce Aneetta Baby, one of our IVA & Survey Assessors. She has a B.Sc. (Microbiology with Nanotechnology) and a PG. Dip. Applied Science from Lincoln University.

Prior to joining The AgriChain Centre, Aneetta worked in apple and mushroom packhouses where she gained valuable fresh produce experience.

Aneetta is involved in the assessment and monitoring of fresh fruits and vegetables at client premises for import and export markets.

Originally from India, Aneetta enjoys hiking, swimming, reading and drawing outside of work.

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Crop Scouting Supports Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Reducing the use of hard chemicals and increasing the use of soft chemicals and biological controls is occurring internationally.  IPM is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management.

The benefits of IPM include identifying the development of pest populations and keeping pesticides and other interventions to low levels. This minimises the risks to human health and the environment.

Monitoring the presence of pests, diseases and predators through crop scouting can play and important role in IPM.  It involves inspecting a crop for pest and disease problems, identifying pest species present and beneficial populations, understanding the point at which pests will have a significant impact on a crop and determining an action plan for control.

The AgriChain Centre offers a crop scouting service which helps the grower to understand their crop and reduce the chemical input.

  • We provide impartial reporting on any pests and diseases via a real time report available after each survey activity.
  • A ‘dashboard’ analysis is available in season together with an end-of-season summary.
  • This will assist in planning your own crop management and planning to follow your preferred IPM or treatment programme.

For more information on how crop scouting could help you and what our service involves contact our Team Leader, IVA & Survey, Alex Swann on 09-414-4536 or

Alex Swann – crop scouting

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