cases of fruit

The AgriChain Centre has its origin in the produce industry. The company’s founders,  Anne-Marie Arts and Hans Maurer have strong horticultural and produce based backgrounds. The company’s involvement in the Biosecurity, Survey and Food Safety sectors evolved from the original shareholders’ understanding of the fresh produce industry’s business needs in these areas.

The produce industry is a rapidly evolving business. The horticulture industry strategy document articulates the vision of being a $10 billion industry by 2020. Achieving this goal will require vision, discipline, an action orientation and superior marketing skills.
The AgriChain Centre sells neither fruits nor vegetables. Its role in the produce industry is one of thought leadership, business innovation, management competency development and providing training resource capacity.
We have not forgotten where we came from; fresh produce quality assurance,cut flower exports and supermarket produce supervision in Anne-Marie’s case; and, fruit tree nursery/orcharding, corporate produce merchandise, and strategic planning in Hans’ case.

The AgriChain Centre is therefore ideally placed to assist growers, packers, exporters, importers, transport operators, logistics providers and retailers in growing and safeguarding their businesses through the Biosecurity, Food Safety and Survey interventions available at large – or through working in the thought leadership and capacity building areas, targeted or customised specifically for businesses in the produce industry.

The AgriChain Centre works closely with United Fresh on furthering the interests of the entire industry. Examples of this work are facilitating the  United Fresh Food Safety Workshop in November 2014 and the development of a position paper on a proposed Food Safety & Traceability Framework for the New Zealand produce industry.

We are currrently developing a suite of produce industry focused Food Safety & Traceability courses which will assist produce companies wanting to take more accountability in this area.