Phytosanitary Certification Services


The AgriChain Centre is an Independent Verification Agency (IVA) with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and we have the authority to provide Phytosanitary Certification Services.

Independent Verification Agencies undertake services on MPI’s behalf to evaluate, audit and monitor the activities of exporters to ensure that they are complying with the regulatory requirements. The AgriChain Centre is focusing its IVA services on its particular area of expertise horticultural products & related services.

The independent verification services we provide are third party assessments on behalf of clients. All inspections are conducted independently in accordance with MPI requirements for phytosanitary inspection and the particular importing country phytosanitary requirements (ICPRs). MPI provides the framework for the plant exports assurance scheme to ensure that New Zealand’s exports meet international obligations in relation to phytosanitary, grade and food safety (e.g. residue) assurances.

Fresh produce exporters are required to meet the requirements specified in the MPI Certification Standards. It is important that all exporters strive to achieve the best possible phytosanitary outcomes to maintain the overseas market access for our commodities.

The AgriChain Centre’s IVA services will assist exporters to meet all relevant requirements in a consistent, cost effective and compliant manner.  Our offer includes:

If you are exporting fresh produce and you need to appoint an IVA then don’t hesitate to contact us. Similarly, we are able to assist packhouses, freightforwarders and MAOs who are handling or assessing export produce. Our highly competent post-harvest team offers a professional and timely service. If you purely rely on IVA services for end point inspections then we we will also carry these out, as required.

For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact Massimo Ciccioni, Director IVA & Survey – email: mciccioni@agrichain-centre.com or phone 027 445 1309.