Fresh Produce Quality Assurance Services & Surveys

The AgriChain Centre provides fresh produce quality assurance services with experience in all aspects of the produce business including, production, post-harvest handling, quality assurance, wholesale and retailing. Our assessments are made on the basis of sound product knowledge and a thorough understanding of post harvest plant pathology.

All principal fruit surveyors have extensive experience in fruit quality assessment, gained at production, post harvest handling and retail level.

Quality Assurance Concepts

Quality is always expected – and rarely consistently achieved without careful management. The more perishable the product, the tougher the job.

The AgriChain Centre can assist you in developing quality assurance concepts that work for your company.

Quality Control Programmes

Our Quality Control programmes for the domestic market are based on physical product inspections carried out at packhouses, market facilities and distribution centres. We assess produce against industry or client standards.

Quality Control programmes work best when integrated into a wider Quality Assurance concept.

Quality Produce Assessments & Surveys

Produce Surveys, an integral part of our quality assurance services, are carried out on imported produce such as bananas, citrus, grapes, kiwifruit and pineapples as well as on produce destined for export markets, e.g., avocados, cherries, apricots, nectarines and persimmons.

Survey reports assist produce sales and procurement teams to ensure that fruit and vegetables reach the consumer in the most expeditious way available. Survey reports also form the basis for insurance claims that may arise.

A Standard Produce Assessment is typically called for when the product does not present a problem from an insurance or supply perspective, but the seller requires a degree of guidance on product condition in order to prioritise the selling process.

A Detailed Produce Survey & Technical Analysis typically occurs when the purchaser needs to assess a shipment for potential damage or significant quality concerns or for negotiation with the exporter where a formal report suitable to be presented to third parties is required.

Quality Further Information

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