Food Safety Training

Food Safety Training is no longer an optional extra for any organisation involved in producing, processing, preparing or serving fresh produce – or food generally.

The only questions are what training does a particular business require, which training provider is most appropriate for my needs and how do I integrate the need for training and all it entails most effectively into my business?

Training Requirements

The entry level course anyone handling food will need to attend under current legislation and council by-laws is a Basic Food Safety.  Whether any other training courses are applicable depends entirely  on a company’s type of operation, scale and customer base. It is therefore advisable to consider training as an integrated element of a wider food safety strategy rather than a ‘tick in the box’ exercise.  The Food Act 2014 was passed by Parliament in May 2014 and came fully into force 1 March 2016, when it replaced the Food Act 1981.

Suitable Training Provider

We suggest you settle on a training provider who can do more than just train! In other words, your training provider should have a substantial amount of food safety expertise, credibility with the regulatory sector and the ability to turn complex information into easily understood material that fosters an ongoing commitment to food safety becoming part of your organisation’s good business practice.

Training Integration

We cannot make this point strongly enough. Whilst the jury is still out the specific changes government will make to Food Regulations, we can safely predict that matters will not become easier.  Your business therefore needs to ensure that is ‘compliance savvy’ and that means treating Food Safety Training as just one part of the overall Food Safety culture your business has adopted.

We offer two Food Safety Training Courses to meet any level of staff training, from Floor Staff through to Food Safety Managers.


These courses are:

Introduction to the Management of Food Safety and Quality for the Fresh Produce Industry is a one day course intended for managers, quality control supervisors, team leaders or technicians working in the fresh produce industry who are responsible for or need to understand food safety.

HACCP for the Fresh Produce Industry is a one day course for senior management, business owners and people monitoring the elements of their food safety system, especially for people new to HACCP methodology.

Course details are available to download here (PDF).


What sets us apart?

We pride ourselves in offering:

– Fixed cost: no hidden extra charges
– Interactive and practical classes: learning from each others’ experiences
– Easy to understand: the science is converted into layman’s terms
– Preferential rates for combination training
– Our Fresh Produce Industry Expertise


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