Food Safety

Food Safety is paramount. We know that and there is not a person or organisation in the world which would be prepared to knowingly put unsafe food in front of consumers.

The New Zealand Food Act 2014 was passed into legislation in 2014 and came into force in March 2016. It pays to stay informed about your obligations as a business. This link to the MPI website is a good starting point to learn more about what the Food Act 2014 means for your business.

The AgriChain Centre focuses on assisting Fresh Produce industry businesses to meet their  Food Safety compliance requirements in these areas:

Food Safety Training

Food Control Plans or Food Safety Programmes

Support Services

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In our rapidly changing world consumers have less and less time for meal preparation. They are increasingly relying upon being able to purchase food that has at least already been partially prepared or comes through a complex supply chain where seasons no longer matter.  The risks of unsafe food finding its way onto the dinner plate is therefore significantly higher than it used to be.

Ensuring that food is safe can no longer be an optional extra and needs to be treated as a serious and critical element of the overall mix that ensure a food company’s long-term sustainable survival.

Governments, local body regulators, quick service restaurants and  corporate retailers are increasing their interest in the food management practices of any organisation handling food of any kind, from  growers to wholesale produce markets, transport companies, cool store operators and packaging providers.

As a consequence, food companies need to meet increasingly stringent customer and regulatory assurance requirements.  Food Safety Programmes and effective training are essential in any food preparation/handling business.

Implementing such programmes therefore makes good business sense. These  can however not be template based as every business is different.

The AgriChain Centre works in partnership with its client organisations to develop pragmatic solutions that work for the client and ensure that they meet the organisations’ food management goals. We have experience with a wide range of food businesses including:  major retailers, manufacturers, food processors, wholesalers, transport companies, importers and food outlets.

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