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Why Profits Matter
Is a supermarket company entitled to make a profit? Of course it is. Does a supermarket company's adoring public care about the profit the business makes? You bet. How do customers get to hear about a....Read More

What is next - the Food Police?
No, it is not April Fool's Day. I wish! It seems that when they were not busy debating the pros and cons of Scottish independence in recent months, the UK authorities have been contemplating the in....Read More

Russia here we come
Geopolitics and fresh produce can be strange bedfellows at time. The EU slapped a few selective sanctions on Russia's Vladimir Putin and his merry band of oligarchs and what did Putin do in return? ....Read More

The high cost of low prices
A few weeks ago we had the PMA Australia New Zealand Fresh Connections Conference here is Auckland. An all-round success in terms of attendance.  One of the industry stalwarts I bumped into there was....Read More

I Spy Something You Don't See And It Starts With 'C'
I have England on my mind.  I am all for the Europe concept but do we really need to have the Tour de France starting in the UK?  It’s a bit like Kent becoming a wine growing region. Well known pa....Read More

Supermarkets, Growers & Food Prices.
One of the more intelligent articles I have come across in recent years on the topic of supplier relationships in the perishable food area can be found in the Guardian.  Here is a poignant part of  ....Read More

I Had A Farm In Africa
A few years ago, I came across a stand at the US Produce Marketing Association  (PMA) Convention which had me intrigued. “Land for Sale”, it said. "In Africa", it said. I stopped and started to....Read More

The Winter's Tale
Once upon a time, there was “an integrated kiwifruit orcharding and post-harvest company” called Seeka Kiwifruit Industries Ltd, which ran a pretty tight ship in a sector of the produce industry t....Read More

There Are Two Sides To Every Story
Australia and New Zealand share a lot of common history, have strong bonds as ‘brothers in adversity’, are closely cooperating members of the Commonwealth, often take a joint approach when it co....Read More

You Know The World Is Upside Down When (II)
Cabbages claim first prize in a Verbosity challenge, involving some pretty important documents on mankind's radar. This little comparison is currently making the rounds. Not sure where it origin....Read More