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The AgriChain Centre´s HortSource Blog

Head in the Sand Approach To Feeding Auckland
The debate about Auckland's housing debacle took a new turn this week. The answer now appears to be to remove the urban/rural town planning boundaries and follow the guidelines established in the Wild....Read More

Hall of Mental Cultivation
Translating a pertinent phrase from one language to another is always accompanied by challenges! This sign I saw in the forbidden city in Bejing a few years back though, is one of the better examples ....Read More

Jugaad - the Indian version of the Kiwi No 8 Wire Mentality
Kiwis pride themselves on their No 8 wire mentality. Te Ara - the online Encyclopedia of New Zealand describes this phenomenon thus:"The tradition of Kiwi ingenuity is often known as the ‘no. 8 wi....Read More

How NOT To Display Bananas
I would hope that we at least could all agree on this - how NOT to display bananas. I took that photo a few years back at at the Victoria Market in Melbourne - and it was pretty clear that our Austral....Read More

Produce & Digital Technology
December 2015 had me presenting to an international fresh produce audience  at the 2nd EU Fresh Info Forum in Rotterdam.  The event was organised by Frug I Com, the Dutch produce industry body for e....Read More

A Few Words To Begin With Mention traceability to anyone in the produce industry these days and one is likely to get one of the following three reactions; - the respondent rolls his or her eyes a....Read More

Common Sense & Water Melons
I took this photo a couple of years ago in Beijing. Not just anywhere in Beijing but within one kilometre of the entrance to the Forbidden City and Tianamen Square - and just after I had come out of....Read More

Brick & Mortar Supermarket Support Programmes Gather Pace!
I took this picture a couple of years ago in The Hague in the Netherlands. The supermarket chain displaying this wheel of cheese complete with facebook sign prides itself in not accepting cash for p....Read More

The Dairy Auction - On Its Last Legs?
The Business news on National Radio made mention of the latest global dairy trade auction. The newsworthy part for New Zealand was that the price achieved represented a 2.4% increase against the pre....Read More

There Is Nothing Simple About Food
It is not possible these days to open a newspaper in the old fashioned way or reading an e-paper without seeing a supermarket story somewhere. Whether it is a Labour Leader "wannabe" here in New Zeala....Read More