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There Are Two Sides To Every Story
Australia and New Zealand share a lot of common history, have strong bonds as ‘brothers in adversity’, are closely cooperating members of the Commonwealth, often take a joint approach when it co....Read More

You Know The World Is Upside Down When (II)
Cabbages claim first prize in a Verbosity challenge, involving some pretty important documents on mankind's radar. This little comparison is currently making the rounds. Not sure where it origin....Read More

You Know The World Is Upside Down When (I)
A newspaper thinks it needs to operate an online garden centre. Not a belated April Fool's day Joke but the website of the virtual garden centre operated by The Guardian newspaper in the UK. If n....Read More

A Few Comments On The Latest Round Of Progressive Bashing
It must be election year. And - the Aussie/Kiwi relationship has had some bad press in recent weeks in relation to New Zealanders living in Australia not being able to access certain state services.....Read More

My Milk Was Off This Morning
One of the more frustrating occurrences in one's morning...the milk is off! Not good at all when one only notices it after one has poured said milk into one's tea. A glance at the label and the mood d....Read More

The Role of Government
2014 is election year in New Zealand. These events come around too often for my liking here anyway - every three years. The first year is wasted deciding who is going to govern with whom as under th....Read More

December, 25th, 2013 This is a Christmas story of a different kind. As you read on, you may well think that I have lost the plot altogether, you may wonder where the Christmas connection  takes ....Read More

How Do I Get My Product On The Supermarket Shelf?
Masterclasses are something I immediately associate with food and TV. We can thank Masterchef for that. And the Guardian is a British newspaper. What should I make of those two terms strung together t....Read More

If In Doubt, Chuck It Out?
I still have waste on my mind. There is a country where 1.4 million bananas are wasted every day – as well as 1.5 million tomatoes.  But let's stick to bananas. No, it is not us. The country in que....Read More

TESCO: Two Thirds Of Produce Grown For Bagged Salads Is Wasted
Not my kind of headline but straight from The Guardian no less! It appears that Tesco went and monitored 25 of its top sellers as they moved through the supply chain and merged the data with another s....Read More